In my first "How do you do" xpages learning series I learned how to execute client side simple Java Script on xpages , Thanks to Tim Tripcony who shared interesting work around.

Actually I was trying to execute existing LS dashboard agent on xpage using client side Java Script to draw a chart. Lets see how I've done,

1- Created a new JavaScript script library with client side JavaScript which contains my xmlhttp module to call Lotus Script agent.

2- I've my Lotus Script agent ready which have logic to build flash charts ( Fusion Charts )

3- Created button "Draw Chart" on xpage and added JavaScript function "drawChart()" which is inside my JavaScript library.

You might notice I've selected "Server" tab instead "Client" one , Just following Tim's advice.

4- Open source of xpage and add your Client side JavaScript library reference .

To add Server side JavaScript library reference instead of ".js" use ".jss" and clientSide="false"

5- As per Tim's advice add additional tags in source,
so completed code will be ,

6- Switch to "Design" view of your xpage and notice now code is moved into "Client" tab ( though we have started with "Server" tab )

Here is my desire output on the web when button is clicked ,

Few days ago I was working on "Flex builder" and it's interesting to see xpages development is very similar to flex development. Those who knows either of these can accelerate really fast.

It's very common to see new articles and tips about xpages in planet Lotus every day. Today I thought to make myself familiar with xpages. To do so I thought to try with very popular and simple program alerting "Hello World" when xpage loads .

Here is what I've tried,

When I view my xpage on web got something like ,

I'm using 8.5.1 designer with 8.5 server . Any clue ?

Is it the right way to execute client side JavaScript on xpages ?

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