As I personally feel its not very easy to rectify replication problems in Lotus Notes.Moreover when it comes to Developers,It is more puzzled :).I always care few important points in replication either for database or documents level problems.Here they are :

Why are deleted documents reappearing?

A purge interval prevents replication of deletions
When a document is deleted, it leaves behind a deletion stub. When the database replicates, the deletion stub is used to identify and delete the same document in the replica. To save disk space, Notes purges deletion stubs that remain from document deletions according to the replication setting "Remove documents that have not been modified within the last [ ] days." If Notes purges the deletion stubs before they have a chance to replicate, deleted documents can reappear after the next replication.

A document edit writes over a document deletion
When the same document is modified on different servers between replication sessions, the "winning" document is the one modified most frequently, or if both are modified only once, the winner is the one modified most recently. If a document is edited multiple times on one server and deleted on another server between replication sessions, the edited document "wins" because it underwent the greatest number of changes, even if the deletion was the most recent change. If somebody deletes a document on one server and then someone else updates the document on another server once between replication sessions, the edit overrides the deletion because both documents were updated once and the edit occurred after the deletion.

Why are replicas different sizes?

Replication settings
Some replication settings cause one replica to receive only a subset of documents and features from another replica.

Access control list
The access control list (ACL) prevents a replica from receiving all documents or design elements from a source replica.

Read ACLs or reader names fields
A destination server isn't included in a Read ACL or Reader Names field and therefore doesn't receive all documents from a source server replica.

View indexes
A view is used in one replica but not in another; the replica containing the unused view is smaller because no index is built for the unused view.

Personal agents, views, or folders
These features used on one replica, but not another, can cause a size disparity between the replicas.

Deletions not replicated
The replication setting "Do not receive deletions" or "Do not send deletions made in this replica to other replicas" is selected.

Unused space
One replica has been compacted while another hasn't.

Why are unexpected deletions occurring in a replica?

You can prevent a database from receiving deletions made in other replicas by selecting the replication setting "Do not receive deletions." You can prevent a database from sending deletions by selecting the replication setting "Do not send deletions made in this replica to other replicas."

Unexpected deletions may also occur for any of the following reasons:

There is a new replication formula in place
A new replication formula overrides previous formulas and removes documents that don't match the formula.

A replication setting is automatically removing older, unmodified documents
The replication setting "Remove documents not modified in the last [ ] days" removes older, unmodified documents. If the specified number of days is low, consider increasing the value.

Why aren't deletions replicating?

Servers don't have adequate access to the database
To receive document deletions, the ACL on a destination server replica must give the source server Editor access or higher and have "Delete documents" selected.

A replication setting is preventing deletions from replicating
A source server doesn't send deletions to another replica if the replication setting "Do not send deletions made in this replica to other replicas" is selected. A replica doesn't receive deletions if the replication setting "Do not receive deletions" is selected.

Why can't I change which documents are replicated to my local drive?

To change which documents are replicated to your local drive, click the replica, choose File - Replication - Settings, click the Space Savers icon, and select the options you want.

Why can't I limit the documents I receive when I replicate?

To limit the documents you receive when you replicate, click the replica, choose File - Replication - Settings, click the Space Savers icon, and select the options you want.

Why can't I replicate?

Database-related issues
No changes have been made recently. Replication only occurs when there are changes to replicate.

The database is not scheduled to replicate. Check schedule replication .

Replication is temporarily disabled. To enable replication, choose File - Replication - Settings, click Other, and deselect "Temporarily disable replication."

The replica IDs are not the same. (Databases with different replica IDs cannot replicate.) Examine the replica ID for each database and make sure they match. If the replica IDs don't match, create a new replica and then clear the replication history on any other replicas to ensure that the next replication is a full replication.

The access control list on one of the replicas may have changed since the replicas were created so that you no longer have the same access level to both replicas.

Server-related issues
A server doesn't have sufficient access in the access control list of one of the replicas. Check that the access control list for each database gives sufficient access to servers. See About server access levels and replication .

The consistent access control list option is preventing replication. The message "Replication cannot proceed because cannot maintain uniform access control list on replicas," indicates that the "Enforce a consistent Access Control List" option has been set on a replica but the server storing the replica doesn't have the Manager access required to replicate the access control list. Give the server Manager access.

A server doesn't have access to a directory link. If a source server uses a directory link to point to a replica, the destination server must be given access to the directory link in order to receive changes.

There is a server or network problem. A variety of server conditions can prevent replication including mistakes in Connection documents, servers that are down, hardware or software problems, and so on.

The destination server is out of hard disk space.

Why do I see the message "Database is not fully initialized yet"

A replica stub on a workstation hasn't been manually replicated
If users create replica stubs on their workstations and don't populate them with documents according to a schedule, they must manually replicate to populate the replica with documents.

The server storing the replica stub doesn't have adequate access to pull information
If you rely on scheduled replication to populate a replica stub, the server storing the replica stub must have at least Reader access in the source server replica ACL to pull the documents from the source server.

An appropriate connection record between two servers isn't in place
If you rely on scheduled replication to populate a replica stub on a server with documents from a replica on another server, a correctly-configured connection record must exist between the two servers storing the replica and the replica stub. Confirm with your Notes administrator that an appropriate connection record exists.

Replication is disabled
Notes cannot populate a replica stub if replication is disabled on the source or destination server replica. To see if replication is disabled, select the database icon, choose File - Replication - Replication Settings and click the Other icon.

Why does a new replica contain the access control list of the source server when I didn't copy the access control list?

Somebody modified the access control list on the source server before initial replication occurred
If you create a replica stub and somebody modifies the access control list (ACL) on the source server before initial replication occurs, the ACL on the source server becomes the most recent one and replicates to the replica stub. Simply opening the Access Control List dialog box on the source server replica and then closing it can cause this problem.

The server times are out of sync
If you create a complete replica immediately (rather than creating a replica stub) and the time on the source server is later than the time on the destination server, the new replica contains the ACL from the source server.

Why doesn't a replica database contain all the documents it should?

If none of the following explanations apply, try clearing the replication history.

Replicas are temporarily out of sync
If changes made to one replica have not yet replicated, the sizes of replicas may be different until replication occurs.

The source server has insufficient access
The source server access in a destination replica ACL determines what the destination replica can receive from the source server. Give the source server higher access in the destination replica ACL if necessary. The following message in the server Notes Log (LOG.NSF) indicates insufficient server access: "Access control is set to not allow replication."

You haven't included a destination server in an access list
Access lists allow only a subset of people and servers in the ACL to access documents. If such access lists exist, add the destination server to them in the source server replica. If the access list uses a role to define access, add the destination server to the role on the source server replica.

An intermediate server has insufficient access
If replication between a source and destination server occurs through an intermediate server, make sure the source and destination server replica ACLs give the intermediate server high enough access to replicate all changes.

Replication settings are filtering documents
Some replication settings acts as filters that screen out documents and features. Check the replication settings.

The server is out of disk space
Ask your Notes administrator if the server is out of disk space and if so, investigate moving a replica to another server or deleting databases on the server.

Older documents weren't replicated to a new replica
When the replica was created, the date specified for the replication setting "Only replicate documents saved or modified after ( )" is later than it should have been. Create a new replica with an earlier date specified.

Why don't changes to the database title replicate?

If the replication setting "Do not send changes in database title & catalog info to other replicas" is set on the source server replica, the title won't replicate. Deselect this setting to replicate a database title.

Why isn't a replica database receiving access control list changes?

To receive access control list (ACL) changes from a source server, the replica database on the destination server must give the source server Manager access and the source server must give the destination server at least Reader access.

Why isn't a replica database receiving design changes?

To receive design changes from a source server, the replica database on the destination server must give the source server at least Designer access and the source server replica must give the destination server at least Reader access.

Here they are. Feel free to let me know if something else you guys check in replication related problems.

why is it that sometimes there are documents not included during replication process?

In the Basics tab of the Database Properties box, there is a button "Replication History," which opens the window of the same name. The first time one server replica successfully replicates with a replica on another server, IBM® Lotus® Domino(TM) creates an entry in the replication history. The entry contains the name of the other server, as well as the date and time of the replication. Separate entries are created when a replica sends information and when a replica receives it. On each subsequent replication with a specific server, Domino updates the entry in the history to reflect the most recent replication.
Domino uses the replication history to determine which documents to scan for changes during the next replication. For example, if a database successfully replicated with the HR-E/East/Acme server 24 hours ago, Domino replicates only those documents that were added, modified, or deleted in the replica on HR-E/East/Acme within the last 24 hours.
Before replication starts between two databases, Domino checks the replication history of both databases to make sure that they agree. If they don't, Domino scans each document created or modified since the date specified in the "Only replicate incoming documents saved or modified after".

If a database doesn't replicate successfully, Domino doesn't update the replication history.

To resolve this ,Clear the replication history only as a last resort to solve replication problems. If you clear the history, during the next replication, Domino scans each document created or modified since the data specified in the "Only replicate incoming documents saved or modified after" setting on the Other panel of the Replication Settings dialog box. If you clear the "Only replicate incoming documents saved or modified after" setting, Domino scans all documents in the database. Scanning all these documents can be time consuming, especially over dial-up connections.

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    This blog is quite useful.I have deployed a database in Lotus notes(Knowledge management repository). I have given access control to particular field on the server which is working fine as well. However that is not getting replicated on the local. Not sure why..

    Can you pls help me out.


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    Just rename pernames.ntf and names.nsf and place a new pernames.nsf from working PC.
    Then reconfigure the lotus notes by deleting lines from Notes.ini ( From leaving Top 5 lines) after editing the same save the file, and start the lotus notes. its will show you the reconfiguration windows.

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    Rishi, this is kamal here... thanks for the article man... Listen i just want, is there a chance that the replication fails due to any design changes thats been done to one of the database with DXL Export and DXL Import??? I had this scenario few days back, i presume its because of the network issue... What you say?

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    Hi Kamal, I don't think so it's because of DXL import/export. If this is the case it definitely fails more than once.

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    I have one requirement, I want to have a local replica on the User's workstation and i created a hotspot button to do that...but when the user is clicking on that button its taking a long time and hanging up the local machine...i wanted to try an option but did not get the complete detail for it...what i want to do is to have an agent running on server which will create a replica on local machine...i know in normal process its not possible but is there any workaround to this or any way i could do the replication on the local machine in the background.

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    My customers have archive database saved in the local machine and the size of the archive is about 6 gb and they were able to access it till yesterday, suddenly when they try to open it today they get an error "the database is not fully initialised yet.(It doesnot contain any views)You will have to use Replicate..on the File,Replication menu to initialize it.I have already tried replacing design ,refreshing design , nfixup , ncompact , nupdall , etc also tried copying it to another machine and nothing seems to be working.Do you have any idea about this issue..Any help would be much appreciated..Thanks

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    Hi Rishi,

    Thanks for the replication F&A + solutions entry. Its very helpful. Anyways, i was wondering if you have experience replication problems whereby the emails only replicate when the machine is connected to the office network. A brief scenario;

    My emails only replicate when my machine is connected to the office LAN, the emails i received on sat and sun does not get replicated to my local on monday. The emails that is replicated is only the time i plugeed my machine to the network. I do get them on my server replica. I thougt my local replica was corrupted but when i created a new one, the problem still persist. Any ideas?

    Please help. Much apreciated.


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    I have a replication issues with my application.

    While replication, old documents taking precendence over new documents.

    Ex: A and B are 2 users using replicas of application, A-Updated a record and replicated to the server, after some time/days B replicates with server, instead of the updated changes to appear in his system (made by A), his changes (even though he do not make any change)are updated to the document on server.

    When A replicates again with server, his data will be lost.

    Please help me in this case, as I am unab;e to resolve this frommany days.

    thanks : please contact me at


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    Hi Rishi,
    I am using lotus notes 8.5.1 and my domino server is 8.5.1. I am enabeling scheduled local agents under basic notes client configuration of preference,and save it. After that I close the application and again open it and every time I found that the agent is not enable.

    Please do hlep me .



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    Hi Rohit,

    I've tried in my 8.5.1 and everything looks normal. My Notes version is,

    Release 8.5.1
    Revision 20090929.1223 (Release 8.5.1)
    Standard Configuration

    Have you tried closing notes and checking again ?

    (Looking a place to discuss your Lotus Notes problem, Join,!/group.php?gid=156932754320837&ref=ts )

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    Hey Rishi

    When i try to replicate, am getting the error message: Replication error: Server not responding." Checked the location document and all other details, It was working fine till yesterday!

    Is there any sort of troubleshooting we could do to get it working


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    Mails are not replicated to cluster server for particular user If we replicate it manually, it will replicate. But automatically its not happening.


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    Thank you for your blog. I used it many times. But in this case it is first time when I couldnt find what I looking for. Have you already met with problem that cluster replication is not working properly; from version Lotus Domino 8? We have now case that some fields in documents are not replicated. Interesting is that in Lotus Domino was no problem.

    BR Peter

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