Before Lotus Symphony, if you want to send some Office documents over an e-mail then you have to compose the document , save and attach it in the memo to dispatch . But, What I noticed at first glance in Symphony, just compose new word/excel/presentation document and attach it without going out or even saving :). I love it because I don't need to save each and every document in my disk before sending . have a look,

Even more interesting , before sending it asks "Do you want to save the document before sending", If you want to save go ahead , afterward Notes will attach the document in the new memo . If you don't want to save in the disk, just say no , still it will attach in the new memo . Only difference it will attach with ".odt" extension. if you want to go with ".doc" extension you must need to save it on the disk with preferred extension and rest Notes will do for you.

I am going to stop composing MS word or Excel :-P , Because I am not in kinda managerial job where need lots of Word or Excel functionality. Stuffs which I do , I can achieve with Symphony. Explore it , You will love it . I must say IBM should release new Lotus Script classes and methods to communicate with Symphony ( Just heard API is released), It will make our life more simpler.

Here are useful urls for Symphony


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