Open your browser and navigate to to open Tom Riddle’s diary.

Type something into the diary, such as the question, “What’s your name?” You’ll get
an answer (the answer to “What’s your name?” turns out to be: “My name is Tom Marvolo
Riddle, also known as Lord, forget that last thing will you.”).
You can ask detailed questions—the diary has been written to appear quite intelligent. Try
“Where are you?”, “How old are you?”, and “What is the meaning of life?”

The diary is actually an Ajax-enabled web application. If you type into it, it’ll connect to
its server using Ajax, and type a response back. For example, if you type “Hello,”
the diary will type back “Hi there!”.
Behind the scenes, the web page connected to its server, sent what you typed to that server,
and got a response back, which it displayed. Cool.

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