As I experienced ,Populating list box dynamically in HTML is not simpler than other HTML controls.However it's more complex when you use dijit FilteringSelect.FilteringSelect is like an HTML SELECT tag, but is populated dynamically. It works very nicely with very large data sets because it can load and page data as needed.

Actually,I have come up with the requirement based on the option selected in radio button drop-down should be populated from configuration document.E.g, We have radio button with three options ; A , B and C. Once you select A; country name starts with 'A' should be populated in drop down and Same as for B and C. When I visited Dojo site for some example found following,

But it was not as easy in implementation as shown. Lets see how it's done.

First, I kept three hidden look-up fields on the form to hold data from configuration document. Fields were , lkpA, lkpB and lkpC ; all three fields look-up country name starts with their corresponding initials.
Next, my JavaScript function which triggers on radio button (Where options A,B and C ) . Code actually pass the look-up field handle to another JavaScript function which actually populates the drop down. Code looks something like,

And here is populate_category function which actually loop through passed hidden field,builds JSON and populate drop down.

Would like to hear if it could be achieved more easily ;)

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