Recently, I've got a query regarding editing of .lss file in designer 8.5.1 . According to him ,

"I'm using massively .lss files that resides on a file server (which I can share using SVN/CVS...) in order to protect my code and I'm using SVN to maintain the code, but I do have a problem for editing these files as the Domino Designer is not able to just open them from my windows explorer."

I've started my investigation with Package Explorer view . It shows Java element hierarchy of your project in your workbench and provides easy way to manage project hierarchy. Designer 8.5.1 internally uses .lsa extension for Agents and .lss for Script libraries. So if you try to open them in "Lotus Script Editor" it perfectly opens in design mode , shown below

However if someone is not willing to import each .lss file in Script library to edit them then what are the options he has to edit them in Lotus script editor ? Most feasible solution is to import them in Resources->File section and open them in Lotus Script editor but it doesn't work ,

If you look closely to Java errors it indicates Lotus Script editor can't be invoke from Resources section . However Text Editor can be invoked but I don't think so anybody would be interested in that . Is it a bug or is this a way designer 8.5.1 built ?

Any thoughts ?

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