I've been fighting with Lotus Notes limit issue from past couple of days. I'm building xml file from notes documents and passing them to non domino application.

Initially I chose "variant" data type to store xml file and send using "Print" method. Everything works fine on >R7 servers but failed on R6 servers when document grows more than 1000.

Is there any "variant" data type limit on R6 servers ??

Here is chunk of code using "variant" data type,

Second solution, I've tried using "NotesStream" class. However this one also failed on R6 servers. Though it's mentioned 2GB maximum bytes can be written but still getting failed.

Here is chunk of code using NotesStream class,

Any thoughts ??

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  1. gravatar Tim Tripcony Says:

    One key limitation of R6 that comes to mind is that IBM is ending all support for it as of today. Literally: today (4/30/2010) is the official end-of-life date for Notes/Domino 6.5. While I know it's a bit glib to just suggest upgrading as the solution for everything, in the case of an end-of-life version, these servers will need to be upgraded anyway to continue to receive any form of official support... which is convenient in this specific case since you already know that what you're attempting works in newer versions.

  2. gravatar Rishi Says:

    Thanks Tim, I will check with my management and suggest them to upgrade.Meanwhile, What I wanted to know why Variant data type and NotesStream class work differently in both the versions ( R6 vs >R7) ? Even I've tried to compare R6 and R8 designer help and both look same to me.

  3. gravatar Tommy Valand Says:

    Could it have anything to do with the limit of Print statements?


  4. gravatar Tim Tripcony Says:

    Every new version removes some limitations of the previous, as well as fixing some bugs (and, sadly, introducing a few of its own).

  5. gravatar Rishi Says:

    Thanks,I see this could be the possible cause using Print(in bulk). However,Why does it fails when you use "NotesStream" class to print on the browser? Do you have any test on this ?

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