It is quite a long time for me to work on Quickplace.Initially, I have really missed the counseling and better resource for a Quickplace over the Internet.We have IBM Quickplace forum, But I have personally experienced a lack of proper response from the forum members.I think Quickplace is not as much as used like a Lotus Notes.So,This could be the primary cause to get Quickplace professionals actively.Few days back, I have got a question saying "How to custimize a quickplace ?" from one of my friend.So, I have decided to write a series of article on quickplace development and Architectural view.So, Here it goes the first part.

What is Quickplace (Quickr )?

Quickplace is a self-service Web tool for team collaboration. Use quickplace to publish, share, and track all information relevant to a project. Teams can use quickplace to store resources (such as files, discussions, and schedules) related to a project in a common place where everyone can access the latest information.
for more information refer IBM Quickplace Site

Architecture overview

Quickplace has its own metaphors and object model independent of Domino, it is implemented using core Domino technology and takes advantage of Domino data structures. A place is created using templates to structure data, and databases to store the data. Information in a place is stored in data notes — the basic unit of information in a Notes database. The structure of a place is further defined with objects such as rooms, folders, and pages that map to Domino objects.

Because the place objects are based on Domino objects, you can use the Notes client and Domino Designer to view, customize, and create new objects in a place.

Quickplace also uses a subset of the Domino/Notes security and authentication model to manage access to a place. It is helpful if you are familiar with the Notes security model, in particular with basic access control list (ACL) settings, and the use of Reader and Author fields.

Relationship between Quickplace and Domino objects

Quickplace file directory structure

Quickplace data is stored within a subdirectory named QuickPlace, below the Domino server's data directory. The complete directory structure is as follows.

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