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Okay. This isn't a coding tip, per say, but will be of most use to developers.

A common scenario, in order to rein in the developers, is to have a separate development environment, where the developers can crash servers to their hearts delight. (Being a developer, this is one of my few job-related joys).

However, there usually is (and certainly should be!) a separate certification hierarchy.

Some people might choose to use "file, tools (or security..they keep moving it!), switch ID", or might even go to the lengths of making custom location documents - one for their "production" ID, and one for their "development" ID.

This is bad:

  • You keep having to switch between environments.
  • You risk attempting to use the wrong ID in the wrong environment
  • You start getting certificates bleeding through your names. nsf (personal name and address book).

All of which are bad.

So - the solution ?

Create separate notes client data directories, and have separate notes.ini files (usually placed in the data directory) for each environment. Then use:

nlnotes.exe =

to start them up on a desktop icon.

For instance, I have:

C:\Lotus\Notes6\nlnotes.exe =c:\notes\data\notes.ini

to start up my production client.

You can then have multiple clients running on your machine, oblivious to each other.

The environments need never see each other. And you can continue doing useful stuff in both clients.

Okay - different versions. How about your production environment is v5, and your test is v6 ? Or the other way around ?

Simple - install the notes Executable client in separate directories, and use the same trick.

But does it work ?

On a good day, I have:
  • One notes and developer 4.6.7 client (dont ask)
  • two notes v5.0.12 clients (development and test of tooling)
  • three notes 6.0.1 clients (production, personal, and v6 app development)

All open at the same time.

So - no excuses. Separate directories, separate clients. Easy, simple, fast, productive. So what are you waiting for ?

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