Few months back I was working in SharePoint designer and noticed it provides plenty of tools and easy way to deal with your web page structure,JS, CSS and other DOM models . You can easily identify which styles are applied, which are overridden and even structure of your inline styles. I must say people with no experience on web can develop web pages using SharePoint designer :-) . On the other hand when we do web development in Lotus Notes ( prior to R8.5 release ), I must say most of the developers either write CSS/JS in some web editor (I prefer EditPlus) or copy from some cool website using URL manipulation. I do most of the time :). Recently I had found free web tool which is quite cool as more or less like SharePoint. It's called Firebug , which can be used as a add-ons with Mozilla.You can just download it and open any website in Mozilla and go to Tools->Firebug and Choose options.

What can you do with Firebug ?

1- You can inspect HTML of the page. Shown below ,

2- You can inspect CSS or even can steal CSS from any site without doing any URL manipulation :)

3- Inspect JS files

4- Find out which styles are overridden , DOM structure and even layout

It makes my web development really easy without distracting much towards Microsoft tool ;-). Just visit Firebug and see what more you can do with it.

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