Few days back I had requirement to build dynamic DHTML menu based on the user's personal configuration document. Initially I thought to build everything in JS to avoid any mess up.But after getting the final specs I found , I need to build the menu based on the existing menu which is on flash.Funny thing was I don't have any knowledge about "Flash", moreover existing flash menu was horrible than my expectation.However it was quite good to see something new which I have never done. I had started looking the whole menu structure in and out and able to understand what actually they have done.Anyways, It's quite complex to explain flash menu stuffs in notes, probably will write separate blog for that. Come to the point , How @For had spoiled my few hours :-)

After getting the logic I had decided to build menu using HTML LIST tag and apply mouseover effect so that it gives button kinda effect when menu generates .In few hours I finished the menu part which was getting generated quite well on the image which was actually the company logo(theme).

Now my next step was to create LIST tag in loop, something like

For (i =1 ; i <@length(menu_title) ; i++)
Since I was retrieving logged in user's configuration contents using @formula so I thought lets try formula to build the menu. I had created three fields , one to build menu contents (something like menu_title^menu_url) , second to keep only menu title and third to keep only menu url.See the snippet,

I was confident enough to wrap up in few minutes. Next I have designed the skeleton for my menu on the form and applied css and other logic to build the menu.Here was the final design,

I put following formula for Computed Value

Saved the form and boom... When I checked the output on web, found printed "1"..
I felt really strange what I have done wrong ..Checked the code so many times but didn't find anything wrong in the code. Thanks to "Kerr" (one of the member from Lotus Site) help me to find out what silly I have done in my code.. I just forgot or missed to save the tag information in temp variable.. It should be something like ,

You know what when I checked the help file it was mentioned in one of the example , but I just missed the point :(

Hope next time me or anyone who read this will not forget which I did :)

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