To continue with my first article on Domino designer 8.5.1 new features and my findings, Let's check some more cool features in Designer 8.5.1.

1- In prior versions of Domino designer what happens if existing script library has been missing or removed and agents which were using that library throws an error "Unable to load xxx library".To find such problem in complex applications was quite tedious and time consuming. In 8.5.1 designer, It can be easily detected. You can see red cross beside agent name which is having unresolved issues.Even database icon shows the same.That's elegant !

2- As I've mentioned the possible bug about outline view (Outline view in Designer 8.5 - BUG or only for XPages) in Designer 8.5 is fixed in 8.5.1.
It's nice feature to review and optimize your Domino Java agents in Domino designer itself. Now , Who needs Eclipse to develop Domino Java agents , I don't use anymore :)

3- In Designer 8.5.1 , You don't need to open Agent/Script library property window to modify their property.It can be done inline while writing code.

4- Review your global variables declarations instantly without going to declaration section.I'm going to love this feature because I often use Global declarations in my code.

5- Add line number in your code to enhance readability and ease in debugging.

Note: To attain this feature Show line number option must be enabled from Text Editor

6- Coding Help on your fingertip. You don't need to open help file anymore and wait to get indexed ( if it's not ) and perform search for your desire functions or methods. Just move your mouse on function and get the instant help. Most of the domino developers going to love this..

7- In earlier versions of Domino it was impossible to detect function and sub-routine type in Agent/Script library without opening them individually. Domino designer 8.5.1 came with outstanding feature where you don't need to manually check their types. Even you can detect class with green icon below.

Along with that Constants can be detected ,

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  1. gravatar Kikkan Says:

    "Who needs Eclipse to develop Domino Java agents" you say. Well we all do. Domino 8.5.1 also called DDE , short for Domino Designer on Eclipse.
    The whole 8.5.1 designer is based on Eclipse. A decent java and lotusscript editor did not make it into the 8.5 release. But in 8.5.1 they did. A giant leap forward for us designers.

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