To continue from my first and second article, As we know designer 8.5.1 entirely built on Eclipse framework so most of the domino experts definitely believe on the fact that there is a new era started where we need to get used to with Eclipse framework for Lotus Notes development. However , It's not going to be as easy as it was before when fresh graduate can develop Lotus Notes applications.
The best thing about domino designer 8.5.1 is to guide developer to use best practices in coding like, Add comments automatically whenever you add new functions or subs , Compel not to use undeclared variables etc.
however , To increase developers productivity in Domino designer 8.5.1, They have to learn Eclipse framework to some extent. Let's check how can you make most in Designer 8.5.1,

1-Customize annotations: Customize the display of annotations in editors settings to interact better with Lotus Script/Java editors.
Here is the effect,

2- Quick Diff : You can keep track of what has changed as you edit.

Here is the effect,

Note: Unfortunately this feature only works for Java but not for Lotus Script . However,I believe designer team will fix this when actual release will come.

3- Spelling : Enable spell checker to remove incorrect spellings in your comments.

here how it looks in Java,

Lotus script doesn't detect correctly ,

Note:Unfortunately this feature doesn't work correctly in Lotus Script code but works well in Java code. I believe this could be fixed in actual release.

4- View keyword shortcuts : It's a great way to increase your productivity in Eclipse framework. To get the all keyword list instantly press Ctrl+Shift+L
5- Detached view : It's possible to detach a view so that it can be placed wherever desired, including over another Eclipse window.Right-click on the view to be moved and select "Detached" from the menu. (Alternatively, drag the view by its tab to detach the view from its position in the perspective.)

6- Modify code template : Most of the developers don't include error handler while writing the code , once they encounter the error then remember to add error handler. In designer 8.5.1 even you can standardize error handler code for your new function and subroutine. Definitely this feature will guide developers to follow coding guidelines.

7- Colorful editor : There are lot of developers who got bored in writing Lotus Script/Java code in white text editor. Designer 8.5.1 has given you an option to design your editor as the way you want .

Here is my script editor,

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  1. gravatar Rashmi Says:

    tooooo good... very imformative

  2. gravatar Chris Says:

    Good overview, Thanks Rishi

  3. gravatar Pipalia Says:

    What about the LS debugging capabilities, are they improved as well?

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    Thanks for such an informative article and the extensive explanation, it's been very useful. PSD to WordPress

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