In my last post ( ), I've mentioned adding JavaDebugString=-XX:MaxPermSize=256M in my workstation's notes.ini increased the heap size.But,it doesn't seems true when I tested with following piece of code ,

public void NotesMain() {

try {
Session session = getSession();
AgentContext agentContext = session.getAgentContext();

//Get the jvm heap size.
long heapSize = Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory();
//Print the jvm heap size.
System.out.println("Heap Size = " + heapSize);

} catch(Exception e) {

It says 16777216 in both the cases. Does this setting only works on server's ini file or something wrong with my settings ? So, here are still my unanswered questions,

* How do I increase heap size of Java agents on client or server machine ?

* I assume increasing heap size may affect server performance, So is it possible to increase for just one agent or database ?

I've tried changing HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize but no effect.

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  1. gravatar Anonymous Says:

    The Notes.Ini parameter "JavaMaxHeapSize" could help you, e.g. "JavaMaxHeapSize=256MB"

  2. gravatar Rishi Says:


    Thanks, let me try.

  3. gravatar Anonymous Says:

    @Andy, That won't change the PermGen space. Which is what Rishi is trying to do.

    Not sure if that setting works on the client or not, but they changed how you can enter parameters. See the following tech note.

  4. gravatar Rishi Says:


    I've tried "JavaDebugString" on my client but it didn't work. I will be surprised if it's only work on server.

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