I've a Lotus Script agent which usage Script library which is having Lotus Script classes and those classes are used in the agent.

Sometimes agent unable to include the script library so the line where I create an object of the class gets failed. It throws "Type mismatch on external name" error.

To fix this, I only require to re-save the agent. It doesn't happen frequently but once or twice in a month. How to get rid of this problem ?

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  1. gravatar Ariwch Says:

    Maybe, the library has been changed?

  2. gravatar Rishi Says:


    There are functions and subs in the library which gets updated based on requirement.But it shouldn't create such problem ?

  3. gravatar Sasa Says:

    Sometimes, changes can be of such character that they require you to recompile the LotusScript code. Could be the problem here...

  4. gravatar Mark Leusink Says:

    You're wrong: it does create this problem. If you change code in a library that is included in an agent, this error might occur. I say "might" because it doesn't always.

    If it occurs a save of the agent might solve it. It might also be necessary to recompile all code in the database.

    Best way to deal with this: before you promote a template to a production system, sign it and recompile all code.

    If you do make changes to the library in the production template (which nobody of course ever does), recompile the template again.


  5. gravatar Rishi Says:


    I'm suspecting the same but there should be some solution or satisfactory explanation.It's really odd when suddenly my functionality breaks down on production server and I need to ask administrator to re-save the agent.

  6. gravatar Henning Says:

    If you think it should not then you will probably need a Lotus PMR. In all other cases you would probably have to use Tools - Recompile All Lotusscript when you are finished.

  7. gravatar Rishi Says:

    @Mark / @Henning ,

    Thanks, It seems I've only way to recompile entire template before it goes to the production.

  8. gravatar Helen Says:

    I don't know if I have ever encountered this sort of issue, but then again I'm using an updated version of Lotus Notes.

    Nice post BTW.

    Helen Neely

  9. gravatar Phani Says:


    Best practice which I know is to recompile all lotus script whenever there are any changes made to lotus script script library. I did recently encountered an issue wherein none of the agents worked as they should. I have added a new sub routine to LS Script Library and without full recompile none of the agents worked. When I did full recompile everything is back to normal.

  10. gravatar JoHe Says:

    This problem exists since Note 6.5x IBM/Lotus never solved it. Same problem with all design objects that refrence Lotus Script libraries. One often has to type a simple blank in the design object concenred to force the compiler to recompile the object. Sometimes even that is not enough. Recompilation of the entire DB may the nsolve the problem. Its a real pita.

  11. gravatar Wiebe Says:

    I have exactly the same problem Rishi has.
    We're running 8.5.1 (several FP's) and 8.5.2 servers.

    Several agents in multiple different database designs use a specific scriptlib. That sl is a single class.

    In all databases that use that sl we see behaviour that the agent runs fine most of the time, but sometimes fails. E.g. one of the agents run on a 15 min. schedule the entire day and it fails in about 35% of its scheduled runs.
    Needless to say the db design is not changed during the day :-(

    Recompile helps indeed, but it does not solve the problem for it keeps coming back....

    Any suggestions anybody?

  12. gravatar Rishi Says:

    Wiebe, Only solution I found whenever you modify anything in the script library, go to your agent and removed the "Use..." statement and save and add it again. Or recompile entire library which is time consuming ..

  13. gravatar Patricio Marino Says:

    Hi Rishi!
    I don't know if you could help me, but I'm turning into a monkey trying to set the Lotus Notes Basic 8.5.1 to keep the tabs opened when I close and open it again.

    Does it haves that function?

    Thank you!

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