Agent Profiling is a new feature in R7 which can help to analyse,troubleshoot and monitor the lotus script code.Profile the agent help us more accurately target the performance problems.

To profile an agent, the agent profiling has to be turned on for that particular agent. This setting is on the second tab of the Agent Properties box.

After the profiling toggle is turned on, the next time the agent runs it will be profiled. Agents can be profiled regardless of how they run (for example, as a scheduled agent, as a Web agent, or manually from the Action menu). The profiling information is stored in a Profile document in the database associated with the agent.

To view profiling information, select the agent you are profiling in Domino Designer, and then choose Agent - View Profile Results

you see the name of the agent and the time stamp of when profiling was done. Elapsed time is the total amount of time the agent ran, followed by a total measured time, which is typically somewhat smaller because time values are rounded down for display purposes. For example, the values under one millisecond are displayed as zeros in the following table. The profiling table contains the class, the method, the operation, the total number of calls to that method, and the total amount of time spent on all calls to that method. The information in the table is sorted in descending order, showing the methods where the most amount of time was spent at the top.

Profiling results are presented in a document based on the hidden form $BEProfile. The result document contains a heading listing the name of the agent and the creation time. The Body item of the result document contains a table with a row for each Domino Objects method called and five columns:

  • Class -- The name of a Domino Objects class using normalized names such as Session, Database, and Document.
  • Method -- The name of a Domino Objects method or property using normalized names such as CurrentDatabase, AppendItemValue, and Save.
  • Operation -- For properties, the type of operation: Get or Set.
  • Calls -- The number of times the method or property was called.
  • Time -- The amount of time the calls consumed in milliseconds. The symbol "<" means not enough time to calculate.

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