Error Name : Corrupt data exception , Try Again
Error Description : When you are trying to add new members into room/subroom , It is prompting "Corrupt data exception"

Possible Cause

1- Room/Subroom system document has been deleted or more than one copy has been created automatically .
2- Replication Conflict system document of room/subroom.
2- "h_roomsettings" document of the affected room/subroom has been corrupted or "h_AreaParent" field of this document having wrong parent database name.

Possible Solution

1- Try to remove conflict system document of the room/subroom and check .
2- Replace system document(s) with the other room/subroom system document(s).
3- Check the "h_AreaParent" field of the "h_roomsettings" system document.If it doesn't have the parent database name then change with the parent database name and save the document.
4- Check the UNID of the system document(s).It Should match with the below list.

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