When you are opening quckplace or some room/subroom , Its saying "Document has been deleted" , Try again . But try again option doesn't leads you to reach the quickplace welcome page.

Its quite serious issue because user cannot access the quickplace anymore until the currupted or missing document get back to its previous state.

Follow the below steps to resolve this issue:

1- Copy "h_RoomSettings" document from any running quickplace into the damage quickplace , You can find this document in "QDK" system view.

* In quickplace never use traditional copy and paste method to migrate document from one quickplace to other quickplace . Since, Quickplace works on document UNID , If UNID will get change it might leads you to worst situation.

So, Use below program to change the document UNID :

Put this code into the quickplace from where you want to move the document into the damaged place.

Dim Session As New NotesSession
Dim Db As NotesDatabase

Set Db = Session.CurrentDatabase

Dim DocColl As NotesDocumentCollection
Dim Doc As NotesDocument

Dim CDB As NotesDatabase
Dim CDoc As NotesDocument

CONST PARAM_SERVER_NAME="Server01" ' Change the server name if necessary
CONST PARAM_DATABASE_NAME="Quickplace path" ' Put the quickplace name where u need to move the document


Set DocColl = Db.UnprocessedDocuments
Set Doc = DocColl.GetFirstDocument

Do While Not Doc Is Nothing
Set CDOC = New NotesDocument(CDB)

Call Doc.CopyAllItems(CDoc , True)
CDoc.UniversalID = Doc.UniversalID

Call CDoc.Save(True, False)
Set Doc = DocColl.GetNextDocument(Doc)

2- Now you have "h_RoomSettings" document into the damaged quickplace . Open the document from the "QDK" view into the client .
Change the "h_name" field value to the damaged quickplace name .Save and close the document.

3- Create one smarticon button with following code :

FIELD h_HaikuName:="quickplace name";

Now, Select the "h_RoomSettings" document and run this code from tool bar icon .

It may happens there might few more system documents get corrupted . We can follow the same method to fix the issue.

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