What could be the more efficient and easy way to trace your errors in Lotus script? We often use following statements to do error handling in lotus script,

This gives following results if error occurs,

But we can use better and more descriptive way to do error handling, something like,

This gives following results if error occurs,

You can find the difference.But don't forget to include "%INCLUDE "lsconst.lss"".

Even you can do more if you play around with following table ,

Pass any of the LSI_ constants from the table below to GetThreadInfo to have it return the current value of that constant.

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  1. gravatar Jerry Shelley Says:

    I strongly suggest using Matt Holthe's Bubbling of Errors up to the main calling routine as exemplified here http://www.breakingpar.com/bkp/home.nsf/0/87256B280015193F87256D9100642353

    (no need to do all the errDoc stuff if you don't want to)

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