It seems I'm more productive on Friday :) just kidding. When you rename agent in agent property window it doesn't get updated in-line, I mean as soon as you finish typing . Furthermore you need to save and close the agent then only you can see the changes in agent name. Let's see what I'm blubbering.

Let's first open existing form ,

Do some changes in Form name and hit enter,

As soon as you hit enter you can see the changes taken effect and a star appears which shows you've not saved your form. Thanks to IBM for small but very useful feature.

Let's do same for an Agent , Open any existing agent

Do some changes in agent name box and hit enter,

You can see star appears but name hasn't change. No matter how many times you change the name and hit enter it remains same as it was when opened.

Furthermore , Now save your agent but don't close it and notice can you see the new name ?

If you notice , name has changed in agent list in left navigation but still old name is appearing in agent tab until you close and reopen the agent.

So , What do you say , Is it a bug ?

4 Responses to "BUG found in agent renaming in Lotus Designer 8.5"

  1. gravatar Simon O'Doherty Says:

    Can you open a PMR or post a link to the blog entry on the LDD forums?

  2. gravatar Anonymous Says:

    Rrenaming design elements in Designer 8.5 is done another way. Open the list of design elements, select the one to be renamed, hit F2 and a dialog appears for you to enter in the new / revised name. this handles the refactoring, if any, tha's needed in the design element.

  3. gravatar Rishi Says:

    @ Anonymous, It's not about workaround or other ways to achieve the same. Even we can rename any design elements without opening them.My point is when one design element work in this fashion then why others doesn't work in the same way.In other words if I've a product where one form is composed on button click and other form needs to be composed by passing ?Openform in url doesn't make sense.
    It will be great to discuss something by knowing to whom you're discussing, you shouldn't comment in anonymous way.

  4. gravatar Rishi Says:


    I've posted the link in 8.5 forum for your reference. Here is the link,

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