Have you noticed new feature "Working Set.." in designer 8.5? It's certainly a new feature for those who didn't work in Eclipse editor.

Lets first check why it's widely used in Eclipse editor.While working in Java project there are fair chances when your project contains hundred of classes and packages. What if when you need to find whether your fellow team member has worked on Database connection class or not.Will you go through each classes to find those methods ? To overcome such situation Eclipse added "Working Set.." functionality.
Working sets are a concept derived to help the developer categorize resources across projects into a contextually relevant representation. At its core, working sets are simply, as their name suggests, a sub-set of files/classes/folders/projects that represent a certain developer workflow. At the simplest level, working sets can be a way to categorize multiple projects together that may represent a single application. Developers aren't restricted to using working sets at the project level, however. It is possible to select particular packages, classes, and folder structures to be included or excluded from a given working set. This allows developers to organize code anyway they want.For an example, Here is my test project list in Eclipse.

I want to know how many places I've used DateTime class. To do so , Go to "Working Set" option from "Search" menu,

Created new "Working Set",

Give a name and choose projects where you wish to perform search,

Select DateTime word ,select working sets and click OK

Here is your result,

So,You've seen Working sets group elements for display in views or for operations on a set of elements. Now lets check in Domino designer,

First create new working set and perform search. You can choose design elements while creating "Working set".

Here is result for search word which is used in my Agent and Script libraries.

However I'm experiencing some gotcha in using "Working Set.." in edit mode of design element. Let's assume, I've a function called "GetQueryStringvariable" and I'm willing to check occurrence of this function in multiple nsfs.I've opened my script library , selected the word and tried search in my newly created working set. I get following dialog box,

I was expected this to work like Eclipse editor (which I've shown above) but don't know whether it's designed like that or I'm wrong somewhere.However I can achieve this in other way by using Search->Search

Here is the result,

It's a great feature which can provide similar functionality which is there in "TeamStudio" like searching how many database you've hard coded server name and database name etc etc..

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