To continue with my small but useful findings in Domino designer 8.5. Few months back I've found really nice implementation in 8.5 designer but forgot to mention it.

While working on domino designer many of us open up lots of design elements and database in left navigation. What happens when you realize you don't need to work anymore on that database and you wish to remove bookmark.Though ,if you've opened up lots of design elements of that database you must need to close one by one in order to remove the bookmark of that database. It was really a pain in previous version of designer but no more with Domino designer 8.5 (not sure about 8.0).

In Domino 8.5 designer if you remove database bookmark from left navigation it correspondingly removes every single opened design elements tab from current perspective. Thanks to designer team who is working so hard to implement small but really important feature.

Now let's talk about my second finding,When we create new agent or script library in older version of designer does it checks whether any agent or script library already exist with the same name ? I guess no , mostly it creates design element with same name ( or may be with "copyof...." name ). In Domino designer 8.5 , It checks before creating new agent or script library and accordingly throws an error if you try to create with existing name.AWESOME...

However,It is strange that same validation doesn't work for Form,

It's Probably a feature ( can't say bug ) for Agents and Script libraries.When there is a similar pop-ups for creating Agent/Form , then in-line validation should work even same way.I believe it should be uniformed. Any thoughts ?

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  1. gravatar Henning Heinz Says:

    Forms have an alias field so it is possible to use the same formname, e.g. one form for the web and one for the client (using proper hide whens). I normally use different form names but the same alias but I think I have seen other implementations. What I don't like in the current implementation is that if I just change Upper/Lowercase, Notes complains that the name already exists. Proper behaviour imho. would be to check if the existing formname share the same "UniversalID" and only complaign if they are different.

  2. gravatar Shishir Srivastava Says:

    In the previous versions, designer still checks and prevents creation of script library with duplicate/same name.

    Agents, however it will allow.
    Based on the premise that if triggered on event/schedule how does it matter whether two agents have same name.

    The exception to this rule is web based/agent called from @commands.

    Will have to really check with a test agent, how will domino behave in that scenario.

    Good food for thought.

  3. gravatar Rishi Says:

    @ Shishir,

    When group of people work on specific database most of the time they create duplicate agents for same purpose;like test, refresh etc. Similarly for other design elements, there should be a check while creating any design elements for duplicate name.If IBM has added such validation it means there must be some significance.For script library I never checked before with duplicate name :P. Regarding duplicate agents name in web application,I guess notes will run that comes first in design UID but needs to check.

  4. gravatar Rishi Says:

    @ Henning, That is a valid point why validation is not there for duplicate forms. I also use two forms with same alias but keep name different to avoid confusion.I never tested how two forms will behave if name and alias are same and design is not hidden for either Notes or web.

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